Answers to your questions:

How many Handhistories’ll I take during a day?
This figure depends on the limit which you have chosen. The exact number of hands is shown on the diagram at time of ordering.
How’ll I take the handhistories?
The hands are packed in zip format of an archive. The links on these archives’ll be sent on your email address which you’ll write at the time of ordering. Additionally in these letters is pointed out the number of handhistories of each limit.
At what time?
Every day from 0:00 to 4:00 (Moscow time)
Which system of paying do you receive?
We receive money from Webmoney and Moneybookers in automatic mode. You can pay by Liqpay, PayPal, Liberty and PerfectMoney too.
How do we calculate the price and discounts?
The initial is taken the base price for the tournament with the highest buy-in. Then, the second tournament adds with the discount of 50%, then, the price of the third with the discount of 55% and so on. The amount of percents increases on 5% for every added tournament. 90% is the maximum sale.

Base price depending on the buy-ins ranges:

Price Mininum buy-in Maximum buy-in
10$ 0 5.5
15$ 5.51 15
30$ 15.01 30
40$ 30.01 60
50$ 60.01 109
60$ 109.01 250
90$ 250.01 300
140$ 300.01 99999

I want to ask you some another questions:

are able to answer all your questions by Skype: hhtourney and email: [email protected]